So I decided to start a blog. It seems almost everyone has one, and they are used to discuss so many different kinds of issues and happenings. I am all for conversations but I wasn’t sure about this blog thing. I love reading other people’s and have a list of ones that I check regularly, but sometimes when I read blogs I cringe at the oversharing or grammatical errors, and other times at holes in logic or missing pieces of information. Blogs can often suffer from posts being served a little too raw to enjoy. Because I am such a critic, I wasn’t sure about having one of my own. What if people judged me or berated me? After all, I am a sensitive person. Blogging seems so much more exposed, so much more open to mistakes or errors than having a talk with a friend, or bringing up an issue in a classroom or office. It’s kind of a diary of sorts, meant to be read by the world. People can be vicious over the Internet, treating themselves and others like they are all in a coliseum, watching or participating in a new kind of blood sport, a fight to the death. Then there’s other blogs that have lovingly crafted posts that nobody reads. I don’t want my blog to be like that, create either of those scenarios. I want it to be a place where I can share ideas, be exposed to the ideas of others, where I can find new friends and colleagues, and learn how people feel about an issue. The big thing for me about blogging is becoming okay with vulnerability, putting stuff out there, relinquishing some of the control. It’s a risk, as all efforts to communicate are, and I finally decided to take it. So now here I am sitting at one electronic device (in my case an iPad) and other people (you) at theirs. There is no paper to feel, like in a newspaper, no handwriting to decipher like in an old-fashioned letter, no editor to catch if I misspell a word, or write funny. It is both impersonal and incredibly personal. Still, I have decided I want to try it, give it a shot. I have a reason to write that I feel matters and hopefully you will too. My main topic of interest for this blog is the Quiverfull homeschooling lifestyle, and I have things I want to speak about, issues that get me going, funny things and sad things and sometimes infuriating ones to aggregate, comment on, and share. So here goes.