It’s hard to figure out where to start when discussing this topic because it is both a personal and professional issue for me. I am trained as a policy analyst and am also a former homeschooler, so I could write something long and technical, but I won’t, not today anyway. I’ll just tell the general story of what I know about homeschooling regulations.

I will begin by simply saying we desperately need them – formal registration, requirements for some form of standardized testing at some point (or points) during childhood on core subjects, for girls to be mandated the same level and quality education as boys, for homeschool teachers to have at least graduated 12th grade or the equivalent, and for convicted abusers to be legally banned from homeschooling. Obvious stuff, right? Happening already, right?

Well, no. Read the rest at Libby Anne’s blog here where I am guest posting today.

Also, if you want to be involved in calling for better protections for homeschooled children, feel free to email me at becomingworldly(at)gmail(dot)com. I am trying to put together a plan to do so and would love to hear from people interested in helping to get the word out in your state. 🙂