I’m very happy to be celebrating one month of Homeschoolers Anonymous being in existence (and getting almost 100,000 views already!) and proud to be one of their first blog partners. In my opinion it is a groundbreaking project to empower people who for years were pushed to remain silent about their experiences and it is becoming a much needed part of raising awareness of these issues.

Anyway, I will claim unbridled enthusiasm as the reason for why, when asked to write a one paragraph contribution for this post, I celebrated a bit too much and gave them four. :p


Homeschoolers Anonymous

Celebrating One Month of Speaking Up


It’s hard to believe that it was just a month ago that we launched Homeschoolers Anonymous. So much has happened in so few weeks! This is really due to the amazing and wonderful support that you, our community of friends and family and advocates and peers, have so graciously provided.

In a mere month, our WordPress blog has reached nearly 100,000 views. More than 260 comments — almost universally positive — have been made on the site. Our Facebook page has received almost 300 likes. Our most popular post to date, a crosspost by blog partner Kierstyn King (“Sex™ (and the lies I was told about it)”), has been viewed over 3500 times; the second most popular post, R.L. Stollar’s “Homeschool Confidential, A Series: Part One,” has over 3000 views. Michelle Goldberg covered our story on the Daily Beast. We’ve also…

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