Becoming Worldly

Thoughts of a former Quiverfull daughter who left the fundamentalist homeschooling lifestyle, got an education, and learned a different definition of "worldly."

Facebook Page & Contact Information

You Can “Like” Becoming Worldly on Facebook

I can also be reached at becomingworldly (at) gmail (dot) com and on Twitter @becomingworldly.

Feel free to just say hi, ask questions, or comment on anything pertaining to the topics I blog about.

Please no spam, and if you feel the need to write me an angry letter, for whatever reason, that is ok but I politely ask that you please wait on it overnight and see if that is still what you want to say in the morning.

If you want me to speak on a topic for a group I can do that. I am comfortable with public speaking, give high quality professional presentations, and became known as “the Prezi master” in grad school.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Page & Contact Information

  1. I do community radio in central Iowa. I wondered whether there was any Quiverfull “escapee” you know in this area who I could interview.

  2. Any chance you can connect your blog to facebook?
    That would make it much easier for some of us to follow you (and I want to bc I love how you write and what you say!)

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