Becoming Worldly

Thoughts of a former Quiverfull daughter who left the fundamentalist homeschooling lifestyle, got an education, and learned a different definition of "worldly."

Content Warning and Comment Policy

Content Warning
– I don’t “trigger warn” on my blog because then I figure I’d be marking just about everything with it, so go ahead and assume stuff on here might be triggering.
– Straightforward commentary on sex, politics, religion, gender, education, bodily functions, abuse, the weirdness of life and death, and presumably a number of other things will likely all occur here at some time or another.
– If something is not appropriate to be read while desk-jockying at your average workplace, I will mark the post as NSFW (not safe for work) at the top so you can tell before you open it.
– The occasional obscenity may be uttered by me and they are also permitted to be used by you when they are relevant to the topic (but please keep moderation in mind and don’t go saying the f-word so much that you sound more like a clucking chicken or a barking dog than a human being).
-I will give you a heads up if links I post feature naked people or extreme topics.
– I am ultimately not responsible for what is linked within my posts (I certainly try to keep them relevant and appropriate but sometimes these things can change without me knowing) and I do not endorse external content unless I have expressly said so.
– Reblogging, linking, providing a portion of my post with a link to my blog, and using my ideas/words are all okay as long as they are properly attributed.
– If you want to use my blog content, including my pictures, my stories, or my writing, for your own project or media piece, please ask permission.

Comments Policy
The comments section on this blog is supposed to be a safe space to respond to and discuss the issue at hand. It is not a place for brawling, free-for-all insults, or obnoxious behavior. As such…

Feel free to comment if:
You have an opinion on or experience with the issue that you’d like to share
You have a question on some aspect of the topic
You want to offer words of encouragement/friendship/human connection
You think that additional information should be included (yes, relevant links are always appreciated!)
You think that I or someone else mischaracterized, messed up, or somehow otherwise botched the handling of the issue and would like to set it straight via discussion and not a personal attack
You want to interact with me or other commenters in a constructive, relevant way (yay for blog friends!)

I reserve the right to yell at you if:
You say any of the 20 things on this list
You “concern troll” me or other commenters
You post things written by HSLDA, NHERI, or Reb Bradley as “facts” in rebuttal to anything

I don’t delete things unless they are:
– Spam
– Outright hate
– Threatening behavior
– Lewd remarks
– Trolling in the extreme
– Comments posted by someone who has lost his/her commenting privileges due to previous use of the 5 aforementioned things.
– Requested by the poster (if you post a comment and later regret it or feel it wasn’t what you wanted to say, I reserve the right to decide whether I will take it down or not, but you can always ask)

If you have any additional questions or if some part of this content warning or comment policy isn’t clear (yeah, I know it’s more like just “guidelines”) or you have a comment but don’t want to post it publicly, send me an email. Becomingworldly (at) gmail (dot) com.

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