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Thoughts of a former Quiverfull daughter who left the fundamentalist homeschooling lifestyle, got an education, and learned a different definition of "worldly."

Homeschool Reform Advocacy & Community Groups

Advocacy Organizations

Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE)
CRHE’s MISSION is to raise awareness of the need for homeschooling reform, provide public policy guidance, and advocate for responsible home education practices.
CRHE’s VISION is for homeschooling to be a child-centered educational option, used only to lovingly prepare young people for an open future.

CRHE is a policy advocacy organization I co-founded with Rachel Coleman, a former homeschooler and history PhD student at the University of Indiana, and which was created by a team of other former homeschoolers and young professionals (who are all amazing, talented, and fun people). CRHE is largely based on an idea I developed as part of my capstone project on homeschooling and deregulation (entitled “The Wild West of Homeschooling: Bringing Adequate Oversight to Parent-Educated Children and Youth”) while obtaining my Masters of Public Policy degree at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

Homeschooling’s Invisible Children (HIC)
HIC documents and archives cases where homeschooling was not in the best interest of the child and was instead used as a means to isolate, abuse, and neglect, resulting in exceedingly harmful or fatal outcomes.

HIC is an advocacy project that sprung from informal research Rachel Coleman and I did into cases of child maltreatment that involved homeschooling and Rachel’s idea of collecting and organizing these cases in one location on a website.

Support & Advocacy Groups
I created and help run two closed Facebook groups in conjunction with other (awesome) former homeschool volunteers:

Protect Homeschooled Children Working Group (PHCWG)
A confidential group where people interested in homeschool policy reform can gather to discuss issues and solutions. Members must be either pro-regulation or at least tolerant of and respectful of others who are.

Quiverfull Sorority of Survivors (QFSOS)
A confidential and vetted support group for women raised in Quiverfull and Christian Patriarchy homeschooling homes.

If you are interested in learning more about these projects or joining either group, please send me an email at becomingworldly (at) gmail (dot) com.

Note: Opinions on Becoming Worldly (my personal blog) are all my own and do not reflect the official platforms, purposes, missions, or views of CRHE, HIC, PHCWG, or QFSOS, which are determined by team effort and consensus-building within each group/project/organization.

One thought on “Homeschool Reform Advocacy & Community Groups

  1. Looks like a great web page! I live in Pennsylvania and our state covers most if not all of the policy recommendations, at least in our school district. I have no problem with doing a portfolio and answering to the school district and an evaluator if it means that it protects other kids from being neglected. I think any homeschooling parent has down times and can slack and it definitely keeps me accountable. I know plenty of people though who can be academically right on and still be abusive and keep themselves under the radar. thanks for looking out for the kids!

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