Becoming Worldly

Thoughts of a former Quiverfull daughter who left the fundamentalist homeschooling lifestyle, got an education, and learned a different definition of "worldly."

Media Interviews & Links

Media Interviews:

The American Prospect, “Homeschool Apostates
A longform article by journalist and author Kathryn Joyce on the burgeoning homeschool reform advocacy work that I have been engaged in with a group of other former homeschoolers. Covers personal accounts, the religious and socio-political environment they occurred in, and homeschool movement history that enabled child maltreatment issues.

Al Jazeera America’s Consider This with Antonio Mora – Homeschooling and Child Abuse
An interview with unschooling advocate Pat Farenga and I about Homeschooling’s Invisible Children, homeschool deregulation, and child abuse.

The Daily Beast, “The Sinister Side of Homeschooling
An article by journalist and author Michelle Goldberg on deregulated homeschooling, child abuse, child deaths, and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s anti-regulation efforts.

BBB World Radio Heart & Soul Documentary, “The Womb As A Weapon.”
A half hour long radio documentary on the Quiverfull movement, mostly centering on Nancy Campbell’s “Above Rubies” ministry and British Quiverfull mothers who follow her ideology. I speak at minute 11 and am followed by Vyckie Garrison, founder of No Longer Quivering.

The Daily Beast, “Homeschooled Kids, Now Grown, Blog Against the Past
An article by Michelle Goldberg about Homeschoolers Anonymous and fundamentalist Christian homeschooling in America.

Becoming Worldly Blog Links/Media Mentions:

Slate Magazine, “Long Lives Made Humans Human
By Laura Helmuth, Becoming Worldly linked as an example of fundamentalist homeschooling, one of the things parents can still use to harm their children, in an article about longevity and survival.

Wartburg Watch “Puncturing the Duggar Family Myth, Homeschoolers Rebel
An article on the Quiverfull movement and the role of homeschooling in it, as well as excerpts from Becoming Worldly and Homeschoolers Anonymous.

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